Philosophical and Historical Essays

1999: The Foundation of Ethics

Tradition and Progress

Left and Right

Religion and Politics

2000: Libertarianism and Liberalism

The European New Right

Leo Strauss and the Straussians

Why I Am Not A Conservative



2001: The Rise and Fall of "Progress"

The Right Wing in America

The Liberal Syndrome

2002: Objectivism

2003: Anarcho-Capitalism

2004: Another Whack at Libertarianism

2008: Regions and Generations

2011: Nationalism in One Lesson

Occasional Essays

Jorge's Second Inaugural Address (2005/02)

Two Nativist Gatherings (2004/10-12)

Decision 2004 (2004/08-11)

Why "Gay Rights" are Wrong (2004/02)

Bush Just Lost My Vote (2004/01)

California is Still American (2003/10)

Thoughts of a Right-Wing PBS Viewer (2003/07)

War at Last! (2003/03)

Pim Fortuyn, R.I.P. (2002/05)

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

A Third Party? (2000/06)


Americanism (2011/01/04)

Arab Nationalism and the Jewish State

The Camp of the Saints

Civil War II

The Conservative Crack-Up

The Death of the West

The Great Betrayal

Hamilton's Republic

Histories of Nativism

In Defense of Freedom

James Burnham and the Struggle for the World (2011/02/22)

The Next American Nation

The Philosophy of Nationalism

A Republic, Not an Empire

The Right Nation (2011/05/15)

Right Time, Right Place (2011/05/25)

Team America: World Police

The Way of the WASP (2011/05/22)

We Are Doomed (2011/08/22)


The Americanism Test


Extant Cultures and Civilizations

The Hamiltonian Tradition: WWW Guide


Patriotic Songs and Poems from Across the World

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