Historic Documents
Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Nationalism
Primary Source Documents Pertaining to Early American History
Archiving Early America
The Declaration of Independence
The Constitution
The Federalist Papers
Washington's Inaugural Address
Washington's Farewell Address
Monroe Doctrine
American System
Lincoln's First Inaugural Address
The Gettysburg Address
Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address
The Pledge of Allegiance - Pledge Restoration Project
I Have A Dream - Martin Luther King, Jr.
Reagan's First Inaugural Address
Address to the Nation on Defense and National Security, March 23, 1983
Reagan's Second Inaugural Address

Government and Military
Congress - The President - The Supreme Court
Army - Navy - Marines - Air Force - Ballistic Missile Defense Organization - U.S. Military Space Forces

Civic Humanism
Classical Greek Democracy - Republicanism and Democracy - Representative Government and Democracy - Equality and Democracy
Constitutional Interpretation
Founding Fathers
Liberalism, Republicanism, and Patriotism
Quentin Skinner on positive and negative liberty
Reaffirmation of the American Founding
Why the Founding is Back in Fashion

Civil Rights and Race Relations
The Confederate Flag
The Reparations Fraud
American Civil Rights Coalition
American Civil Rights Institute
Americans Against Discrimination and Preferences
The Claremont Institute: Civil Rights and Racial Preferences
Reason vs. Racism


Salma Hayek
If all Mexicans looked like this, I wouldn't want to keep them out

ASAP! Immigration Moratorium Action Plan
Feds Let Illegal Aliens Steal Congressional Representation From Citizens
How Can You Tell a Xenophobe?
How Come We Can Have 40,000 miles Of Interstate, But Not 2,000 Miles Of Border Fence?
Immigration is an Environmental Issue
Not Amnesty but Attrition
Q&A with Pete Wilson on California Recall on National Review Online
Time to Rethink Immigration?
Victor Davis Hanson’s Second Thoughts on Immigration
American Immigration Control Foundation
American Patrol
Americans for Better Immigration - Legislator Report Cards
Center for Immigration Studies
Deport Aliens
Families for a Secure America
Numbers USA
The Organization for the Rights of American Workers
Project USA
U.S. Border Control

The English-Speaking Union
Center for American Unity
English First
English for the Children
ProEnglish, the English Language Advocates
U.S. English


'Baptized imagination'
The Clash of Civilizations
The Cosmopolitan Illusion
Culture, Politics, and the American Founding
Culture Wars - discussion and resources
The decay of education in the West
The End of the Moral Majority
From the Ashes, Patriotism Reborn
How Multiculturalism Took Over America
How to tell if you're American
The Ideological War Within the West
The State of the Culture - from an Objectivist point of view
We’re Not Losing the Culture Wars Anymore
What is American culture?
Wimps and Barbarians

Conservatives vs. conservation
Environmentalism vs. conservation
Immigration is an Environmental Issue
The Politics of Architecture
The Right Conservative Position On The Environment
Alliance for America
Congress for the New Urbanism
Keep America Beautiful
The National Arbor Day Foundation
National Park Foundation
Political Economy Research Center
Smart Growth Online

Gun-Ownership: A Natural Right, a Civic Virtue, an American Tradition
To those who say "Anglosphere," I say Free Tony Martin
Gun Control, Immigration and Social Engineering
Gun rights in state constitutions
In the Absence of Guns
A message for gun-owners
A Nation of Cowards
The radicalization of America's gun culture
Raging Against Self Defense: A Psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality
The root of the evil: Hoplophobia
Sure, Blame the Gun
The Truth About Gun Control Myths
Who are the militia?
National Rifle Association

13 Originals
Statehood Dates

Vermont Republic
Republic of Texas
Oregon Treaty and Territory
Mexican War and Cession
The purchase of Alaska
The Annexation of Hawaii
The Frontier in American History
History of United States Expansion and Boundary Changes
Manifest Destiny
U.S. Territorial Maps 1775-1920

The Moon -- America's 51st state? Think about it!

Asteroid Scare Prompts NASA to Formalize Response
Former American astronaut argues that NASA should shift its focus to asteroids
Megamissions and Space Power
A Military Space Force: From Convergence To Emergence?
Military Space Guide
Moon Claims
The New Frontier: Preparing the law for settling on Mars
The NIABY Movement
Rand Simberg on NASA & Columbia
The Significance of the Martian Frontier
Wake-Up Call on Space
Who Owns Space?
Will we lose space to the ChiComs?
Space Frontier Foundation
The Spaceguard Foundation

Foreign Possessions
Modern History Sourcebook: American Anti-Imperialist League, 1899 - American Anti-Imperialist League - Wikipedia - Anti-Imperialism in the United States, 1898-1935
Guam - Nasion Chamoru
Northern Mariana Islands
Virgin Islands

ˇAdiós, frijoleros!

Puerto Rico
Grant Puerto Rico Independence - better late than never
Puerto Rico Libre -- and Good Riddance
Pedro Albizu Campos
PR Independence FAQ
The Imminent Dangers of Statehood
Resources on the Puerto Rico Statehood Question

Foreign Policy
American Sovereignty Restoration Act
Braced for Jacksonian Ruthlessness by Walter Russell Mead
Get US Out of the United Nations
Gulliver’s travails: The U.S. in the post-Cold-War world by John O’Sullivan
Let Africa Sink
Let's quit the UN
National Defense or Global Empire?
New push to 'get U.S. out of U.N.'
Same Difference - article by Daniel Pipes comparing the Cold War and the War on Terrorism
Seeing the UN Plain: Corruption as a Way of Life
These five regimes must go
APC: United Nations
CWA Library - National Sovereignty
Free Nations
Michael New
Sovereignty International
The UN is Evil

Canada delenda est

Parti Québécois

"Vive le Québec libre!"
Mouvement estrien pour le français
Laws and Languages in Québec
Canada Remapped: How the Partition of Quebec will Reshape the Nation
Center For Indigenous Sovereignty
Western Canada Concept
One Ten West
Annexation BC
The Republic of Alberta
Nova Scotia -- the next state in the Union?
The 2000 Election in Canada
Canada's Bad Government
Gun Control in Canada
The Red Ensign
Canadian Cultural Conservation Program
How to be a Canadian "Nationalist"
USA vs. Canada: The Grudge Match (TM)
Annex Canada?
Paul Adams, pro-annexationist
United North America - Canuck pro-annexation site. Wants to bring along Quebec -- no thanks!
5 Reasons to Annex Canada - for Canadians
A Brief History of Canada

Our Pesky Neighbors to the South
Remember the Alamo!
Texas War of Independence
President Polk's War Message to Congress
The Mexican War and After
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Pancho Villa's Raid on Columbus, New Mexico
Why Mexican immigration is especially problematic
The Scourge of MEChA

The Rest of Latin America
ARENA (Alianza Republicana Nacionalista) - Roberto D'Aubuisson - the Commie-slayer
Renovación Nacional - Fundación Pinochet - Pinochetismo Nacionalista

The Antipodes

Australians are a lot like Americans, except that they talk funny and are total sissies about guns

Advance Australia Party
Australian Nationalism Information Database
National Action
National Republicans
New Zealand First

The British Isles

Slay the Euromonster!

Enoch Powell: Life and Views
Campaign for an Independent Britain
Migration Watch UK
British National Party
Ulster Unionist Party
Democratic Unionist Party
The English National Party
English Defence Force
Cross of St. George
Plaid Cymru
Cymdeithas DJ
Scottish National Party
Ulster Nation
Fine Gael
Fianna Fáil

Vive la France!

Charles de Gaulle
De Gaulle and Gaullism - The [Gaullist] Party's Over - The Rise of Le Front national - What Next? The French radical right at the crossroads - Interview with Jean-Marie Le Pen - Le Pen's Breakthrough Shakes French Political World
Rassamblement Pour la République
Rassemblement Pour la France
Mouvement National Républicain
Front National
Breton Democratic Union
Corsica Nazione
Partit Occitan


Give 'em hell, Umberto!

Italian Life Under Fascism
Umberto Bossi
Due Sicilie
Dialects of Italy
Sardinian Language and Culture

EAJ/PNV - Eusko Alkartasuna
The Ongoing Conflict in Spain: Basque Nationalism - Basque party backs anti-ETA protest in Spain - Basque nationalism undermined by ETA - Ban on party linked to ETA - Spanish parties unite in vote to ban Batasuna
Convergčncia Democrŕtica de Catalunya - Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya
Bloque Nacionalista Galego
Partido Nacional Renovador

The Germanic Countries

Johann Gottfried Herder

Transformations of German Nationalism
Friedrich Ludwig "Turnvater" Jahn - no relation, AFAIK
Joerg Haider - Nationalist or National Socialist? - Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs
Dutch Declaration of Independence
Dutch Right poised for poll success - Reversal of Fortunes - "The Prof" shakes up Dutch politics - Positions of Lijst Pim Fortuyn - Pim Fortuyn Shot Dead - Murder in Holland
The Eerst Nederland Group
Leefbaar Nederland
Lijst Fortuyn
Geert Wilders - his website - his party
Nieuwe Nationale Partij - NNP
Diversity and civil society in Belgium
"Far-right" unites Belgian parties
Flemish movement
Flemish Press Selection
Flemish Questions
The Flemish Republic
Vlaams Blok/Vlaams Belang
Fryske Nasjonale Partij
Dansk Folkeparti
Sweden's sceptics learn to channel their anger

Eastern Europe

Franjo Tudjman's Biography
The impact of Johann Gottfried Herder upon Slavic Nationalism
Magyar Igazság és Élet Pártja - Hungarian Justice and Life Party
Romániai Magyar Demokrata Szövetség - Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania
Lithuania: Rebirth
Three Brave Nations: Baltic States
Greek Nationalism, the Megale Idea and Venizelism to 1923
Hellenic Nationalist Page
The Cyprus Problem
Helleniko Metopo - Hellas for the Hellenes!
Kosova Crisis Center
Albanians in Macedonia


Eliezer Ben-Yehuda and the Revival of Hebrew
Why Don’t I Care About the Palestinians?
Why Israel Is The Victim And The Arabs Are The Indefensible Aggressors In the Middle East
The Zionist Library
JAFI: The Jewish Agency for Israel

The Rest of the World
Armenia and Armenians - Armenian nationalism
Atatürk and the Turkish Nation - The Turkish Language Reform: a cautionary tale
Free Kurdistan
BJP: Bharatiya Janata Party
Tamil Eelam
Sun Yat-sen: Fundamentals of National Reconstruction - Kuomintang
Korean Nationalism Home Page
VietQuoc - Vietnamese National Party
Japanese Nationalism in the Tohoverse - Japanese Nationalism Links - Japan's New Nationalism - Land of the Setting Sun? - Profile of Shintaro Ishihara- Statement of Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi

Racial Pseudonationalism

The National[-Social]ist Glossary - This page will help you understand why so many nazis pretend to be nationalists.
Introduction to [White] Nationalism - Notice how the equation of "race" and "nation" is simply asserted, without even a pretence of rational argument.
It's Race, Stupid - Sam Francis believes that white racism is the answer to anti-white racism. The problem is real, though his conclusion is wrong.
An Infantile Disorder - This time, Sam Francis reaches the right conclusion for the wrong reasons.