American Nationalist Association

Now when an American has an idea he seeks another American to share it. If they are three, they elect a president and two secretaries. Given four, they elect a clerk, and a company is established. Five convoke a general meeting, and the club is formed. -- Jules Verne, From the Earth to the Moon

The club I envision would be non-partisan -- lobbying for particular causes, supporting individual candidates. It would look to the likes of Tom Tancredo among Republicans and Dick Lamm among Democrats. The issues it engages would be strictly limited: national defense, immigration restriction, disentanglement from international ties such as the UN and NAFTA, etc., while striking a moderate balance on divisive domestic issues. In particular, I would like to abort the whole abortion issue by relegating it to the state level.

There would be a distinction between active and passive members, emphasizing the importance of participation and fellowship to attract and involve members, while recognizing that many sympathizers won't have the time, energy, or inclination for more than occasional and limited activity.  There would have to be a delicate balance between the rock of ideological incoherence and the hard place of dogmatism; it would work with other personages and groups when possible, while maintaining its distinct organizational and operational identity.

Its activities would be centered on meetings, rallies, and demonstrations, with enough ritual and pageantry to stir the soul and promote a sense of unity. I envision four ongoing subsidiary enterprises: a Publication Office providing a website, newsletter, pamphlets and books; a National-Syndicalist Organization, working through and alongside trade unions, organizing American workers and lobbying for their interests; Action Squads to provide an outlet for youthful energy and high spirits -- non-violent, to be sure, but defensive and retaliatory, if necessary: citizens' arrests of illegal aliens, surveillance of mosques and jihadist organizations, security for the association's events, playing pranks on the disloyal opposition, etc.; a Liaison Office to co-ordinate with foreign nationalist movements -- especially in Canada to promote Quebec's independence and the re-unification of British North America, and globally to promote an Anti-Jihad Front.

More broadly, it would serve as the nucleus of a coalition appealing to patriotic elements of basically different political tendencies. After all, patriotism is generally popular in America, whereas explicit nationalism is admittedly somewhat outré; the purpose of the ANA would be to concentrate and mobilize this diffuse and inert sentiment for practical ends. Such an American Patriotic Coalition must seek as much common ground as feasible among compatriots, emphasizing that, after all, we do have to live together in the same country.