California is Still American

On Tuesday, October 7, 2003, the voters of America's most populous state kicked the guts out of the anti-American party. The precise numbers, and a very pretty map, are here. The bottom line is thus:

The Forces of Good
Conservative Tom McClintock 13%
"Fiscal conservative, social liberal" Arnold Schwarzenegger 48%
The Forces of Evil
Racist Commiecrat Cruz Bustamante 32%
Watermelon Peter Miguel Camejo 3%
Miscellaneous Goofs 4%

Some random thoughts on the matter:

So, where does this "fiscally conservative, socially liberal" immigrant stand on nationalist issues? Let der Mann speak for himself. On the positive side:

English is my second language and I am proud of my heritage. But we should keep English as the primary language taught in schools.

Border enforcement is a federal responsibility. However, state taxpayers currently bear the costs of providing public services to undocumented immigrants, such as incarcerating undocumented immigrants in the state prison system. I will work with other border states, the President, and the U.S. Congress to increase federal reimbursements for these costs.

Human Traffickers and smugglers exploit and endanger immigrants, and I will crack down on this problem. Traffickers and smugglers should be prosecuted as organized crime syndicates. [Significant silence on the costs of illegal immigration to native Americans, though.]

I voted in favor of Proposition 187 [to cut public benefits to illegal immigrants] because of simple fairness. Californians should not have to bear costs that are the result of the federal government's failure to enforce immigration laws and to implement a fair and effective immigration policy.

I believe that everyone should be treated equally and that all Californians deserves [sic] a shot at the American dream. I ... deplore discrimination in all its manifestations.

Latinos share the same concerns as all Californians.

On the negative side:

I support the continuation and expansion of the Licensed Physicians and Dentists from Mexico Pilot Program (FIREBAUGH), which allows licensed doctors and dentists to practice medicine and dentistry in the U.S. for up to three years.

Immigrants contribute to the richness of life in California, and I embrace them....Proposition 187 has been resolved by the courts. It is time to move on. More than 2.3 million undocumented immigrants currently live in California. They cannot continue to live underground. [No -- they should be sent back where they came from.]

SB 60 is not the answer to providing undocumented immigrants with California Driver's licenses; this bill was rushed through the Legislature without addressing law enforcement concerns or Federal guidelines regarding the use of Taxpayer Identification Numbers. [The problem is not providing illegal aliens with drivers' licenses: it's that they're driving on our roads at all!]

I support in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants who have graduated from a California high school or who have been in California for more than 5 years. [Illegal aliens shouldn't be attending our universities at all! THEY SHOULDN'T EVEN BE HERE! HELLO?!]

I oppose Proposition 54 because while I share Dr. King's dream for a colorblind society, I recognize discrimination persists and only by acknowledging this fact can we seek to overcome it. [So we're stuck with reverse discrimination as long as blacks blame all their problems on Whitey.]

The bottom line, it seems, is that he pretty much just splits the difference between pro-Americanism and anti-Americanism, just as he splits the difference between conservatism and liberalism. Well, it's not much, but the Governator should still be an improvement over the wholly anti-American and liberal alternative.

2003 by Karl Jahn

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