Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections

Political Divisions of the House of Representatives (1789 to Present)

Party Division in the Senate, 1789-Present


The American Enlightenment's Other Side

Federalist Party

Whigs, etc.

John Quincy Adams

National Republican Party

Anti-Masonic Party

Whig Party

"Know Nothing" Party

Free-Soil Party


Republican Party

From The Cleveland Press on November 6, 1928:

"It is probably not too much to say that the traditional Democratic and Republican parties are on their last legs. The names will be retained--but that will be all. What we are probably about to witness is the formation of parties on strictly drawn lines of Conservatism and Liberalism. It is, perhaps, fitting that the Democratic Party, inheritor of the tradition of Jefferson, should become the Liberal party, that the Republican Party, heir to the Hamiltonian tradition, should be the Conservative....I expect the East, not the South, to become the stronghold of the Democratic Party. I expect the West and part of the South, at least, not the East, to become the stronghold of the Republican Party."

The Library of Congress Online Catalogs are useful for looking up offline resources. Party Ideologies in America, 1828-1996 has a good chapter on "The National Epoch" of the "Whig-Republican party."