The Flag of the Dual Republic

The Democratic Republic of Favonia-Hesperia


Zam and Vohuman

Commodore Feridoun Fournakes led an expedition to explore the western ocean, discovering three new islands: the kingdom of Rutas, and two uninhabited islands which he (being a Zoroastrian) named according the days of the Zoroastrian calendar on which they were discovered. He claimed these two islands in the name of Favonia-Hesperia.

The island of Zam has an area of 3,669 square kilometers, and the island of Vohuman has an area of 428 square kilometers. The government has announced its intention to turn these islands into a penal colony and naval base, respectively. It is the government's intent that all prisoners will be transferred to Zam, and all prisons within the home country will be closed; Vohuman is to be administeredd by the Ministry of the Navy. Isaac Sitemporos and Robertus Domolinum have been appointed governors to Zam and Vohuman, respectively.


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