The Flag of the Dual Republic

The Democratic Republic of Favonia-Hesperia


The Anthem
Nostra bella terra/H kalh gh maV
Set to a traditional melody
Latin text by "Filius Patriae"
Greek translation by Mithridates Basilides


The Flag
When the United Kingdom was formed, its coat of arms combined the colors of Favonia (argent a cross sable) with the charge of Hesperia (gules an eagle displayed or) and added another head to the eagle to symbolize the duality of the realm. The eagle bore two crowns on its heads and an orb and scepter in its claws, which were removed from the country's arms and flag with the foundation of the Republic.

The army war flag

The navy war flag


Provincial Coats of Arms
These escutcheons are flown on white flags, like so:


Angurax   Gules an eagle displayed or The city of Angurax was the capital of the old kingdom of Hesperia
Argentiferix   Azure an anchor or Azure represents the sea, the anchor ships: Argentiferix is Hesperia's largest port and the center of shipbuilding
Aximes   Quarterly first and fourth argent a cross sable second and third azure a cross argent A combination of the arms of Favonia and the former Despotate of Abachaea
Castraparva   Argent an archiepiscopal cross sable Castraparva is the see of the Archbishop of the Favonican Church; the arms of the old kingdom of Favonia were also derived from the arms of the Church
Enyges   Vert three escallops or The arms of the former Marquises of Enyges
Fenakteron   Ermine a cross gyronny or and purpure The escutcheon of the former Grand Dukes of Fenakteron, a cadet branch of the Favonian royal family
Fetratus   Ermines a rose gules The escutcheon of the Knights of the Rose, the old kingdom's premier chivalric order, which had many castles in the area
Fresnum   Or a bull's head caboshed sable The bull and the color gold are symbols of Mithraism; Fresnum is the only province in which Mithraists are a majority of the population
Glyme   Argent a Greek cross azure a bordure azure Glyme was the capital of the viceroyalty of New Hesperia under the old kingdom, and bears its arms
Lacustrinum   Azure two bezants on a chief argent a cross sable Azure represents Sa Lassa, the great central lake; the two gold roundels represent the two large islands in the lake; the chief represents the city of Lacustrinum, capital of the old kingdom of Favonia
Morfidax   Tenné an estoile or The arms of the former Marquises of Morfidax
Muronum   Per fess embattled argent and sable The colors are Favonia's; the crenelation represents the great walls for which the city is named
Pysame   Gules a cross or The colors of Hesperia were combined with the charge of Favonia to represent the mixed population and history of this province
Tabernarum   Argent a Latin cross sable a bordure sable Tabernarum was the capital of the viceroyalty of the Military Frontier under the old kingdom, and bears its arms
Urbinova   Gyronny argent and sable The family arms of Campibelli, the former Dukes of Urbinova
Uxidium   Quarterly first and fourth argent a rose gules second and third gules a rose argent The escutcheon of the former Palatinate of which Uxidium was the capital
Xifteris   Azure a dolphin or embowed fesswise According to legend, the founder of the city of Xifteris was brought over the sea by a dolphin


The Abachaean Flag

The Despotate of Abachaea, after annexation, was divided into the two provinces of Aximes and Xifteris. Its flag is still used as an unofficial symbol of regional and Hellenic identity, and has come to be popular throughout Hesperia. The Hesperian nationalist party favors it over the royal standard of Hesperia, which is identified with the Monarchist Party.


Consuls' Seal


Diplomatic Seal

Version 2.1



1 aquila/aetoV = 1A, 100c
1 quintarius/pempton = .20A, 20c
vicesimus/eikoston = .05A, 5c
1 centesimus/ekatoston = .01A, 1c



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