achladiomorph, (n.) a woman whose figure would be improved if the extra mass could be moved from her thighs and buttocks to her breasts.

affaire de queue, (n.) a sexual involvement completely devoid of romantic sentiment.

aftergibe, (n.) a clever retort that comes to mind when the opportunity to use it has gone.

aftersight, (n.) a new idea so simple that it seems obvious in retrospect.

ass-whore, (n.) flamboyantly effeminate sodomite.

athreskeiac, (n.) an agnostic or atheist who is simply indifferent to religion, rather than actively hostile to it.

backwording, (n.) a figure of speech in which juxtaposed referents are subsequently transposed.

bibliothecary, (adj.) of or pertaining to libraries or librarians.

blahsy, (adj.) blasé.

blobster, (n.) someone so grotesquely fat as to seem inhuman and monstrous.

bronde, (n.) the exact shade of hair-color that is not quite light enough to be blonde but not yet dark enough to be brunette.

busteous, (adj.) very busty indeed.

callimetry, (n.) the art of rating and ranking feminine beauty.

Carolojohannine, (adj.) of or pertaining to Karl Jahn.

castroid, (n.) a man who acts as if he has no balls.

cicinoleate, (v.) to force someone to drink large quantities of castor oil.

civilizationalism, (n.) the view of nations as complementary parts of a greater whole.

Cleavage Season, (n.) spring and summer.

coenobiography, (n.) account of public events concurrent with one's own life.

concredent, (n., adj.) (person) sharing the same belief(s) as another.

connie, (n., adj.) conservative.

cosmion, (n.) a small cosmos, especially one that is artificial.

crap-chute, (n.) rectum.

currie monkey, (n.) an East Indian.

discorrect, (v.) to change something correct in the mistaken belief that is is not.

empossess, (v.) to facilitate someone's acquisition of property.

enracination, (n.) putting down social/spiritual roots.

ethnophobia, (n.) irrational fear and hatred of one's own nation.

eutopia, (n.) any imaginary place conceived as a morally and politically ideal society.

faggocino, (n., adj.) any of the fancy-schmancy blends enjoyed by coffee-snobs; of or pertaining to coffee-snobbery.

Femspeak, (n.) "non-sexist" language.

frijolero, (n.) any Hispanic, but especially a Mexican.

Genovese, (n.) assertion(s) that one person regards as self-evidently true but another person regards as self-evidently false.

glottopoietics, (n.) the creation of artificial languages.

gynecoscopy, (n.) the habit of looking around for attractive women and admiring their beauty.

hibernaut, (n.) space-traveler in state of suspended animation during journey.

high-beams, (n.) the top of breasts (AKA "headlights") displayed prominently by the bodice.

hypernarrative, (n.) group of interconnected narratives, each a coherent whole unto itself but united to all the rest by common theme, plot, character(s), or setting.

ideomania, (n.) excessive pride and zeal in one's (apparently) clever ideas, leading to impetuous action and bad consequences.

jollywobblers, (n.) breasts, especially big ones.

lesbolshevik, (n., adj.) feminist.

lifeworthy, (adj.) competent and deserving to live; flourishing.

lingery, (adj.) of or pertaining to any kind of female attire that entices one's eye to linger on the body beneath it.

mastometry, (n.) the art of estimating the size of a woman's breasts, either visually or manually.

muckpus, (n.) a dish assembled from precooked ingredients, usually including ground meat, legumes, and rice or potatoes.

narkie, (n.) anarchist; more generally, anyone who rejects civilized standards of comportment, dress, grooming, and hygiene.

nepotic, (adj.) of or pertaining to a nephew.

nosthedonia, (n.) the pleasure derived from things, persons, and situations that are old and familiar.

onanize, (v.) to derive sexual gratification from an object to the point of ejaculating on it; often used metaphorically.

ostreation, (n.) making something precious out of an irritant.

outopia, (n.) any imaginary place conceived for pure esthetic pleasure.

pervertarian, (n., adj.) a radical whose main animus is to promote sexual libertinage and perversion; of or pertaining to such radicalism.

polycosm, (n.) a group of related cosmoses.

pseudotheist, (n.) an agnostic or atheist who dissembles his disbelief, whether from fear of opprobrium or because he thinks religion is socially useful.

revenant, (n.) the sight of someone or something that brings up disturbing memories from the distant past.

ropehead, (n.) someone with hair tightly braided into repulsive, ropelike strands.

sidage, (n.) the protrusion of a woman's breasts, as visible from behind.

siesta monkey, (n.) any Hispanic, but especially a Mexican.

sog, (v.) to make soggy.

spasmode, (n.) stiff, awkward, stilted manner.

splurgeous, (adj.) carelessly, wastefully, obtrusively selfish.

theomachist, (n.) an agnostic or atheist who is actively hostile to religion, rather than simply indifferent to it.

theonymy, (n.) the naming of divine beings, or more generally, classes of supernatural beings.

tickweed, (n.) the kind of weeds whose seeds come off and stick to your legs, like ticks, if you walk through them.

Tunnel of Love, (n.) vagina.

turtle, (v.) to cope with unbearable realities by trying to ignore them until they go away.

tychonize, (v.) to die of a burst bladder, as did Tycho Brahe.

volivia, (n.) rhetorical strategy of asserting eccentric beliefs (flat-earthism/creationism, Holocaust-denial, etc.) by demanding proof of common knowledge.

weaselry, (n.) sneaky, untrustworthy, insincere behavior.

webbed out, (adj.) tired of websurfing or webmastering.

Weihnachtenskitsch, (n.) the Gestalt of tacky decorations, schmaltzy music, crass commercialism, sappy sentimentality, and "happy holiday" inclusiveness.

weirden, (v.) to make or become weird.

Wogistan, (n.) 1. any foreign country, especially one in the "Third World"; 2. all foreign countries collectively.

wogspeak, (n.) any language spoken by foreigners in one's own country.

xenocentrism, (n.) 1. belief that every other nation is somehow superior to one's own; 2. belief that the well-being of foreigners is more important than the well-being of one's own compatriots.

Year's-death, (n.) fall and winter.