Sample Texts

I Can Eat Glass

Ia ta olakh ghosh'd dhi vitr, re ta ghago mrag ia.

I eat able glass, which hurt not me

Pater Noster

Dha-khanu ua, re to khneu ones Heàvën; dha-atni ie tu thaun.

the parent (of) us, which be in-the-place Heaven; the name (of) you be revered

Dhi-basil ie ta evkha. Dhi-iras ie tu srot ones Terra Heàvën-buek.

the kingdom (of) you approach (us). the will (of) you be done in-the-place Earth Heaven-like

Ta sape die-te dha-tavu diégen ua.

(you) give day-this the bread daily (to) us

Ta kughn dhe-naedh ua; ua ta kughn buek uo, re to naedh ua.

(you) forgive the debts (of/for) us; we forgive likewise them, which owe (to) us

Ta epodh mrag ua dhi ngróiras; ta eshtho khite ua dhi meuz.

(you) lead not us (to) will-testing; deliver (to the) contrary us (from) wrongness

Dhi-basílostáfriú tu ghoti ie nglómthrad.

the kingdom-power-(and)-glory be possessed (by) you eternally


The Babel Text

Ô, Terra akhsha ta ghoti tiuth dha patu isti, dhe zier d'nar.

oh, Earth whole have in-the-past language one, words few

Ô, uo to dhoar, to oliebóng, ta zmoiber dha-zhdéggharb Shinar, ta viot dha-su.

oh, they turn westward, go away, discover the flatland Shinar, dwell there

Ô, dhe shob'd to patu orus: "Ê! Ua to télovume vrúithrad." Dhi vúmetelo tu ghoti uo; dhi argil to khneu dhi motu.

oh, men say to each other: "hey! we makestone firewise." brick be had (by) them; clay be the stuff

Ô, uo ta patu "Ê! Ua ta mian dha azim, dha tur ensi; dha-turagát to khneu ones dha-iral; ua to átnimba, tu óliezek mrag, re dha-Terrupán."

oh, they say "hey! we build a city, a tower also; the tower-head be in-the-place the sky; we give-ourselves-a-great-name, be-scattered not, that of the Earth-face

Ô, JHWH to ébongstui ta-prash dha-azim, dha-tur ensi, re tu mian dhe-idao dhi-Shob'd.

oh, Yahweh go-down seeing the city, the tower also, that be built (by) the children (of) Man

Ô, JHWH ta patu "Dha thome isti ta ghoti akhsha dha patu isti; re tu srot evne uo. Aire, uo tu englo mrag, re tu iras to-srot uo.

oh, Yahweh say "a people one have altogether language one; that be done beginning (by) them. In-the-future, they be bounded not, that be planned doing (by) them

"Ê! Ua to ébongstui aire, ta psat dha-patu uo; uo to afiv orus mrag dha-patu."

"hey! we go-down in-the-future, confuse the language (of/for) them; they hear each-other not the language."

Ô, JHWH ta óliezek uo, re dha-Terrupán akhsha; uo to oghub ta-mian dha-azim.

oh, Yahweh scatter them, that (of) the Earth-face entire; they stop building the city

Dha-siol to atni "Babel," re tu ghosr, JHWH ta psat ones dha-patu Terra akhsha, ta óliezek uo, re dha-Terrupán.

the thing name-itself "Babel," that because, Yahweh confuse in-the-place the language (of) Earth whole, scatter them, that (of) the Earth-face

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