Tho-kyi k'enoya' Babel-tyaw
High-Speech narrative Babel-of


Nok tekhe hla-hweni t'u kyi-tyaw nok kekhe 'le-tyaw tyun-ni.
and all the-land one language-of and few words-of be-then

Nok 'i-t'e hla-k'ola no-yiy-ni, nok p'aytyi-hsa hla-hweni-hsun Hsinar-hsun 'i-patyu-ren, nok t'e 'i-hwulp'e-nu.
and they the-east from-go-then, and a-plain the-land-of Shinar-of they-find-then, and there they-dwell-then

Nok t'u kyat-tyay hla-hokha-sya hsenu-ni, "ho! hu-p'a-'i-tyay 'atopu-hsa kwone-nu, nok 'i-hsa thowo'-nu."
and one man the-friend-of say-then, "ho! we (i-you-they) bricks make-will, and them burn-will"

Nok 'i-t'e hsenu-ni, "ho! hu-p'a-'i-nis ruw-hsa nok syutwi-hsa tholu-nu, nok hla-ryiw-hsun hso hla-tolohsu-hsun, nok hu-p'a-'i-nis lyase-hsa kwone-nu, pyi hu-pa-'i-hsa te hla-hlen-sya tekhe hla-tur-nis pekiyeli-nu."
and they say-then, "ho! us-for a-city and a-tower build-will, and the-head-of in the-sky-of, and us-for a-name make-will, lest us on the-face-of all the-earth-to scatter-will"

Nok Hla-'ane' k'ohsi-ni, nok hla-ruw-hsun nok hla-syutwi-hsun na-hla'i-tyaw na-kyat-hsa 'i-rip'u-nu.
and The-god descend-then, and the-city and the-tower the-sons-of the-men he-see-then

Nok Hla-'ane'-tyay hsenu-ni, "yaw! t'u nya nok 'i-nis t'u kyi, nok koy-hsa 'i-tyay swe'e-ren lya'-nu, nok 'i-nis t'a sothu-ni 'i-tuhse-nu."
and The-god say-then, "yaw! one people and them-to one language, and that they begin-now do-will, and them-to not limit-then they-plot-will"

"Ho! hu-p'a-'i k'ohsi-nu, nok hla-kyi-hsun pek'a-nu, nok 'i-tyay hla-kyi-hsun hla-hokha-hsa t'a nowi-nu."
"Ho! we descend-will, and the-speech-of confuse-will, and they the-speech-of the-friend not hear-will"

Nok Hla-'ane'-tyay 'i-hsa te hla-hlen-sya tekhe hla-tur-nis pekiyeli-ni, nok 'i-tyay hla-ruw-hsa tholu-nu hli-ni.
and The-god them on the-face-of all the-world-to scatter-then, and they the-city build-will cease-then

Thos hla-lyase "Babel" hsenu-yo, wo-thos Hla-'ane'-tyay hla-kyi-hsun tekhe hla-tur-hsa t'e pek'a-ni, nok Hla'ane' 'i-hsa te hla-hlen-sya tekhe hla-tur-nis t'e pekiyeli-ni.
therefore the-name "Babel" says, because the-god the-language-of all the-world there confuse-then, and The-god them on the-face-of all the-world-to there scatter-then

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